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Getting Results With Video




Clarify Your Message

Attract Ideal Customers

Increase Sales

Do Your Videos Bring You Lots of Business?


Struggling to get new clients online?


Don't have a video strategy?


Do you know that you need videos but don't know where to begin?


Feel like your business isn't growing?


Paid for some videos and didn't see any results?


Feel like you're wasting marketing dollars?

Getting the Right Results

Get an edge on your competition with a video content strategy. The path to connecting with your audience begins with a plan and in-depth research. An awesome video doesn't do much good if there isn't any solid research behind it and no good distribution plan behind it.  

How We Work

Strategy Development


Content Production

Social Media Distribution & Management

We clarify your business goals, define your audience and develop video content strategies founded on in-depth research that generates results. We don't just give you a one-off video, send you on your way and collect a check. 


Rather than wishing you the best we help you become the best. We work side by side with you to develop an online presence strategy that gives you and your organization a road map to success. With years of experience, we guide you along your journey to success. 

We develop a strategy for your business, create and produce the content, then make sure it does well by distributing and managing that content. In short, we make sure your brand does awesome. 

Why Is Bizspoon

So Different?

We are a STRATEGY first ad agency delivering an unrivaled media marketing advantage. Other agencies focus on making beautiful cinematic ads that they can enter into award festivals to get a shiny trophy. We focus on creating content that has a strategic backbone that spans across more than just a one-off cinematic video. Bizspoon builds a series of complementary videos that help brands connect with their consumers while leading them through every level of the sales process funnel. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 1.54.01 PM.png

People do business with companies that understand their needs wants.

You might have heard the phrase "People buy benefits, not features". This is 100% true but when creating an effective ad it goes much deeper than that. With our in-depth research and expertise, we uncover the significant meaning behind the perceived benefit. This allows us to develop an emotional connection between your customers and your product.

Create Connections & Increase Sales

Find out today how a personalized video content strategy can positively impact the growth of your business. 

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